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Introducing SBM

Queensland Ambassador for the Social Media Marketing Institute and Advisor for Regional Development Australia’s (RDA) Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions Program.

Social Butterfly Marketing founder and CEO Renee Dembowski is somewhat of a visionary in the exciting world of social media. With fresh ideas and a penchant for predicting the next big thing, Renee has successfully transformed a flair for social media strategy into an award-winning enterprise.

A professional member of the Social Media Marketing Institute, Renee was the first person in Australia to be awarded the Diploma of Social Media Marketing.

Now, as an industry recognised trainer and continuing education provider for the Institute, she is catapulting other aspiring hopefuls into the profession.

This is just one of many firsts for the innovative trailblazer.
In 2015, she conceptualised the first ever Virtual Fashions on the Field, taking the social media reach of the Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival – a popular fixture on the Australian racing calendar – to new heights.
This ground-breaking initiative reached a staggering 5.9 million people – an impressive 380 per cent increase on the previous year.

Most Innovative Use of Social Media Marketing

Sole Entrepreneur of the Year 

VET Teacher / Trainer of the Year Finalist

Social Media Educator of the Year Finalist

In 2016, Renee was recognised for her self-drive and motivation with the Cairns Business Women’s Club Sole Entrepreneur Award, inspiring her to act on other developing ideas.

The campaign which was tailored towards Thala’s taget audience, was excellent and performed well above our expectations with a reach of over 90k people. Renee was very professional and provided prompt service, input and advice along the way. I certainly would have no hesitations in recommending and endorsing Social Butterfly Marketing as an effective and efficient way of growing and increasing your company’s social media presence.

Wade Bowen, Sales and Marketing Manager, Thala Beach Nature Reserve

The reach I got was incredible, not only was it local but it spread out on a national level which was what I was hoping for as my business is both locally based and available on line. The increase in likes and followers has been great and they continue to interact on my pages well after the collaboration.

Annalisa Siefken, Founder, BARE Movement

The concept of virtual fashions on the fields went from an idea to reality at Cairns Amateurs this year. The brilliance of this concept is It makes fashion accessible to anyone. From the hardcore fashionistas to the busy mum who can’t attend the actual event, the beauty of a virtual fashions on the field is it connects the modern world of social media in a forum that is truly engaging and interactive.

Lauren Dor, Journalist, News Corp Australia

All businesses large and small would benefit from the services that Renee offers. I wanted to find someone to audit the set up of my social media accounts as I felt the rules had changed from years ago when I started. I was astounded at how much I didn’t know and how much I learnt in a short time. Well worth it and I totally recommend this to everyone who uses social media!

Cath Slatyer, Author, 100k Equity in 10 Weeks

Renee’s dedication to providing quality content and mentoring advice for her clients has proven to me just how passionate she is about the digital marketing industry. Her knowledge of social media auditing, strategy and creating successful campaigns are as good as any I’ve seen globally.

Tracy Sheen, Founder, Unusual Comms

Renee is amazing!!! I had the pleasure of working with her as part of the ASBAS Government Grant we both consult in. Simply and craftily she navigates the complexities of Social Media. Anyone can say they do socials, but Renee actually gets and proves impressive ROI. We have discussed her successes and strategies at length and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for anyone looking for a serious Social Media player.

Michelle Fragar, QLD State Chair, Australian Marketing Institute

The Social Butterfly Campaign

In 2018 she launched the CairnsEye Social Butterfly campaign, which garnered national attention and secured naming rights sponsorship from Newscorp.

Designed to create collaboration between modern social media platforms and traditional media, such as print and radio, the CairnsEye Social Butterfly campaign proved a resounding success.

The concept provided a platform for businesses to leverage social media, while building brand loyalty and driving business. It included a highly competitive online contest for the coveted title of Cairns Eye Social Butterfly – a 12-month paid position including use of a sponsored vehicle and the opportunity to attend events and review products and services.

The unique campaign saw Renee take the award for the Most Innovative Use of Social Media in Australia and New Zealand in the 2018 Social Media Marketing Awards and contributed to her being named among the top five Social Media Marketers in Australia and New Zealand.

A big believer in collaboration, Renee is one of two ingenious minds behind the highly successful She Means Business online community, which boasts nearly 4,000 members.

She also works closely with a diversity of complementary industries, creating strong partnerships that maximise benefits to clients.

Her focus now is on expanding the newest addition to the SBM portfolio – Email Marketing – where she’ll be working with professionals across the graphic design and copywriting industries to provide clients with tailor-made Electronic Direct Marketing solutions.

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FINALIST: QLD Training Awards 2019, Vocational Teacher / Trainer of the Year
VOTED TOP 5: Social Media Marketers in Australasia
WINNER: ‘Most Innovative Use of Social Media’ Australasia, Social Media Marketing Awards 2018
QLD AMBASSADOR: Social Media Marketing Institute
ADVISOR FNQ: ASBAS Digital Solutions Program
QUALIFIED TRAINER: Diploma of Social Media Marketing