About Us


Social media is now the most effective way to market your business, however, for the uninitiated, it can be confusing and time consuming.

With a potential audience in the thousands, if not tens of thousands, using social media is by far the most cost effective way to reach your target market. Social media is constantly expanding and there are now platforms which appeal to every age group. This means that social media can be used by any business to attract new customers.

Renee Dembowski is the founder of Social Butterfly Marketing. With a career background in the public sector, Renee discovered her passion for social media by chance.  Following the collaborative development and launch with her husband of the Bayview Bulletin, a quarterly publication detailing the happenings of the suburb of Bayview, Renee started a sister Facebook page to the publication.  Its popularity soared and businesses were soon asking Renee if she could do the same for them.

A new passion was discovered. Since then, Renee has been working with businesses to broaden their social media reach and visitor engagement levels.


Our Mission is to understand our client's needs and translate them into measurable online marketing strategies. Implementing these strategies, turning social media platforms into communities, building relationships and increasing engagement with your company and brand.


Our vision is to increase your business through social media marketing and brand recognition. Our job is #GettingYouSocial.


First and foremost, your values ARE our values. We represent YOUR company, therefore, we will always project your company values into the community at all times. Extra values specific to SBM:


Open communication

Creative with courage to try BIG ideas


Adaptable to change

Loyal to your company and your brand