A case of Typhoid Fever may have been the illness that saved Carly Grossek’s life. Carly aka The Fairy Godmother of Wellness said “After contracting Typhoid Fever, I had to go on blood pressure medication. That’s when I realised my weight was affecting my health. I just had to do something.”

I have been looking forward to attending Carly’s cooking class since flicking through the glossy pages of her new cookbook “Healthy Eating for a Healthy You” which is being snapped up globally. The night consisted good food, healthy eating and leaving the kitchen without having to wash up!

We prepared a three-course meal starting with Cauliflower & Ham Soup, followed by Magical Bacon & Vegelious Slice-a-Rama with a green side salad and finishing with dessert which was Tropical Fruit Skewers with honey infused natural yoghurt.

Cairns mum Kerry Dixon loved that the recipes were not just for adults “you can really hide the vegetables, which makes my life a whole lot easier”. Kerry and her friend, Kristen Palmer also suggested their very own twist on the Ham Soup recipe, turning it pink by adding a dash of beetroot for their fussy little eaters. Sounds more like a Halloween prank to me!

Carly has shed a whopping 42kg since 2017 “People say what a vibrant, happy and positive person I am. Now I feel like my physical image reflects who I am. I just want to empower others to achieve their dreams of health and wellness by sharing my healthy eating secrets, tips and tricks with the world.”