“Team training, life changing” this is the well-known motto for the fastest growing fitness craze in Australia, F45.

A total of 45 people completed the 8-week challenge with an impressive combined fat loss of over 97kg. Completing the Cairns CBD intense 8-week challenge certainly gave cause to celebrate.

No one was counting calories at the graduation party which was held at the Cotton Club in the heart of the Cairns CBD.

While chatting about our achievements over a vodka soda, Felicia Gordon said “I love that you can walk in to a fitness session, spend an intense 45 minutes training without having to think about your program. I always leave feeling ready to take on the day. The most challenging part is waking up early to go to the morning sessions, but once you are there it is 100% worth it”.

When member turned trainer Thomas Ryan started performing burpees on the dance floor I knew it was time to moonwalk home.