Over weekend I along with 114 locals attended Zumbathon fundraiser held at Sportsworld for local 12 year old Jasmyn Campbell who is fighting end stage renal failure while also waiting for a kidney transplant.

While I was struggling to keep up, Jasmyn danced a solid 2 hours of Zumba, with a smile! We had a chat about the usual stuff like nails and beauty but we really found common ground when it came to comparing our scars which each have their very own story.

Jasmyn’s biggest supporter beyond doubt was her mum Melody Ward who was understandably emotional as she described how proud she is of her incredibly strong and brave daughter. Melody was thankful for the community support which was evident when everyone arrived in aqua blue tutu’s and wigs, Jasmyn’s favourite colour.

Jasmyn’s school teacher Tami Lucas from Trinity Bay State High said Jasmyn is a bright girl with a strong will. It impressive how well she does at school even though she does not get to attend as many hours as her fellow classmates due to her illness.

Thank you to everyone who helped raise $2115 to help Jasmyn and her family on this difficult journey.