I had the pleasure of spending the week with up and coming Alternative/Indie singer and songwriter Shaun Kane who was gearing up for his very first EP Launch. We kicked off the weekend with a radio interview on 89.1 community radio with Brian Edmonds. I asked him if he was nervous but he just smiled and softly replied that he was more nervous about the radio interview. Shaun launched his very first EP ‘All of these Years’ held at the LILO Restaurant Bar Pool Deck.

LILO Bar looked like a Byron Bay hipsters dream, with the lights dimmed down and fairy lights hanging around the rooftop bar with palm trees swaying in the balmy breeze (ok it was cyclonic). Shaun looked like a real rock star, with lightening striking behind him as he strummed his first chord, the timing was just perfect! When I heard his voice I almost died! At the ripe old age of 17, Shaun was singing about his experiences of teenage heartbreak, late night adventures, rule breaking and his urgency to know where he belonged in this #crazyworld, I started to thank my lucky stars that I am no longer a teen.

Over 70 people attended this event but his biggest fan of all was his proud mum Suzy Kane who had turned away to shed a happy tear as he began to play. Suzy said that young Shane had no interest in music when the family first bought him a guitar, but then one day he just decided to pick it up and has never looked back.