We were all thinking ‘Hey, Margarita’ as we walked down the hidden red brick laneway in the heart of the Cairns CBD towards popular bar, Three Wolves for International Margarita Day.

Cairns local barman, Jacob Cohen has recently been recognised world-wide as the master of mixology after winning cocktail competitions all over the world including in London and New Orleans but one he is particularly proud of, the Southern Comfort Travelling Tales cocktail competition held in Sydney.

Jacob took me through steps of how to make the perfect margarita. There was a surprising twist, egg whites which thickens the mixture to a nice consistency.

While it sounds strange to me, Jacob, the latest member of the Wolf Pack must know what he is talking about as he was he is currently sitting in the World Class Diageo Top 100. I can’t wait to see where he ends up after he competes for the title again later this year.

International Margarita Day fell on a Thursday which meant it fell on Three Wolves’ open mic night. Fortunately for everyone in the room, I did not have enough liquid courage to embrace my inner Jimmy Buffet, but I did request his classic “Wasted away again in Magaritaville”.