Known for giving guests the ‘thrill of the grill’ Bushfire Flame Grill Restaurant have taken it to the next level by delivering the ‘thrill of Brazil’ every Friday in February for ‘Carnival at Bushfire’ where the colourful culture of this captivating country is evident.

The venue was packed with guests as bronzed (and incredibly toned) Sumba dancers Arianna Proia and Juria Honda sashayed between tables to the unmistakeable sounds of the guitar, double bass and conga. “You become addicted to samba, the music the dancing and of course the outfits which we get shipped from Brazil. They are more expensive but they are much better quality and it is pretty cool to say we are wearing authentic Brazilian Samba outfits.”

General Manager of the Pacific Hotel Gregor Davie said “I especially loved the expressive interaction between the guests and the live Latino musicians. The whole team are excited to see this event brought to life, we are all very passionate about the food, dance, music and culture of Brazil.”

Jackson Woodrow summed it up: Good food and sexy girls… What more could you want?!