It’s official! No one is immune to the unicorn trend including the 15 ladies who attended the unicorn chocolate making class at The Source Bulk Foods Cairns.

Owner and fellow chocolate lover Cathie Webb made sure that the health-conscious community did not miss out on learning the secret to making magical unicorn coloured chocolates. Local chocolate lover Nicole Gibson from Heavenly Caco was invited along to share her favourite gluten free, organic chocolate recipe, using only natural health foods which ingredients like turmeric and matcha. We were all equally as impressed at the use of freeze dried grapefruit which produced vibrant colours.

Nicole’s did not always put such an emphasis on healthy alternatives ‘I remember driving on my way home from Smithfield where I had picked up a 200g block of chocolate, I demolished it in 8 minutes’. In 2009 a cancer scare motivated Nicole to look at ways she could enjoy her favourite foods without sacrificing on flavour.

Local ladies Aniqu Martin and Donella Williams came dressed in theme, proving that for tonight, these mystical creatures really do exist.