If wellness is measured by the size of your smile then Carly Grossek aka Fairly Godmother of Wellness, was the picture of health at her recent Inspired Entrepreneurs event held at The Bungalow Hotel in Cairns. The concept borne from a desire to create meaningful connections in the business community, Carly hopes to see local businesses grow together.

Carly ditched her usual outfit of ‘active wear’ for something a little more flirtatious, a beautiful off the shoulder black dress after all Carly was not there to blend in. “I slapped on a pretty dress and did my hair and makeup, now I am standing in front of you all today, totally out of my comfort zone.” Carly stated.

Guest Brett Cornwell who has a clear passion for music said “it is my goal is to set up a website for young local artists to come together and collaborate.”

If you are looking to take your business to the next level in 2018, keep your eyes peeled for this monthly event. Topics include trending ideas for inspired entrepreneurs, social media and are you getting enough sleep? I’ll put my hand up for that! Guest Kelly Lucas stated it was also a great excuse to get away from the children.