The stakes were high as the punters and fashionistas rolled in to The Pier Bar for the race that stops the nation, the Melbourne Cup. Guests at the event enjoyed a three-course luncheon surrounded by creative theming which included green turf, fresh cut flowers and miniature size horse figurines. If you can’t take the Cairns locals to Flemington race course why not bring Flemington race course to Cairns!

In true Melbourne Cup style there was a steady flow of bubbles, a big screen a view looking over the Cairns Esplanade and what topped the experience off for me, hearty cheers from the blokes who took a rare opportunity to put down the tools and live it up for the day.

I’m not a gambling girl which is why the sweepstakes work well for me. I got my ticket just in time to hear…. NOTHING. It went deathly quiet I looked around the room then BOOM the gates dropped, the crowds jumped to their feet, a mighty roar filled the room and we all know how the story ends, Rekindling charged through the finishing line. Two gentlemen beside me embraced, clearly the odds were in their favour. Me on the other hand, I am going to stick to fashions on the field and leave the betting to the true punters. Until next year.