Trick or treat? Miniature ghost, fiercely cute kittens, zombies, goblins and ghouls, they were all invited to celebrate the annual Mount Sheridan Plaza, Spooktaular Halloween Party and boy did they show up! The plaza looked like something out of a horror film and for once the screams echoing throughout the crowded shopping centre were not because mum didn’t buy their little monsters the latest toy or gadget, it was in the spirit of convincing passers by that they should in fact win the best dressed this year, after all there was more at stake than sherbet sticks and gummy bears! True terror set in when I turned to face the lifelike, life-size zombies from the Cairns Dinner Theatre and they murmured a guttural ‘trick or treat’? I politely replied ‘I will take the treat thank you’. The reality of the fact that the special and exceptionally cute guests at the event were braver than me as a 5 year old vampire tried his hardest to convince me to join him on the tour of the haunted house.