‘Where were the tissues’? The question on everyones lips at the Send Hope Not Flowers Luncheon hosted annually by Miller Harris Lawyers. Every two minutes, a woman dies from complications in childbirth. For the cost of a bunch of flowers you can send one of Send Hope Not Flowers’ birth cards and save the life of a mother. Guest speakers and co-founders the organisation Tara Taubenschlag and Emma Macdonald shared the stories of the women they have helped in the developing world, providing medical attention and baby bundles to places like Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the the Solomon Islands. The educational film had the room full of 271 attendees (including burly Cairns businessmen) reaching for a napkin to dab away their tears. 

Tara and Emma are grateful for the of Cairns businesses and locals a phenomenal $100,000 has been raised over the last five yeas. A regular to this event, local mother Alison Wybrow said this foundation really hits home when you have a two year old in perfect health waiting at home for you.