An Imperfect Mum, a smart-tech guru, a naturopath and a Psych, walk into a bar. This is not a joke, this actually happened last weekend. Known for her popular blog the Imperfect Mum, Kristy Vallely has recently promoted the empowerment of local women through workshops featuring successful women in business. Her latest, “How to be Highly Effective at Work and Home” and held at the Red Beret Hotel, Madisons Function Rooms brought her together with three other inspirational speakers, each with a different story to share and their own tips for being highly effective at work and at home. Kicking off the morning was online marketing expert Renee Dembowski with an arsenal of tools and apps to keep efficiency at an all-time high. Her reminder to ‘Eat That Frog’, in reference to Brian Tracy’s bestselling anti-procrastination techniques, was a powerful wake-up. Next was naturopath Kylie Cloney who outlined the downfalls to overcomplicating life and the detrimental health effects of too much multitasking. Now that was a surprise! Psych Rebecca Rooke then stunned the crowd with some of the many ways childhood experiences can negatively affect our ability to live and work effectively as adults, as well as how to recognise underlying problems we never knew existed. Spontaneously, Kristy Vallely stepped in and hushed the crowd and asked every person in the audience to share their reasons for attending. The answers were touching and inspiring and brought a room full of strangers so much closer together. This event was about reaching our full potential and gaining the most out of every day but, for me, it was also about recognising that we’re not alone on this journey.