My single biggest passion is fashion so, when I was given an opportunity to work alongside seven other aspiring models for a VIP fashion parade with Port Douglas retailer Rose & Boy, rolling out of bed at a sparrow’s ‘chirp’ didn’t bother me.

I headed up the winding coastal road to Port Douglas in darkness with the previous night’s #cairnseyesocialbutterfly events still fresh in my mind. My soy cappuccino worked its magic, and thank goodness for that – hair and make-up was to start at 6.30am sharp.
As I arrived at the Port Douglas Sheraton Mirage I was immediately swooped up by the concierge into a golf buggy and taken through the rainforest to the make-up and hair studio. I interrogated the driver: “Who are these VIP’s, what are they here for?” He maintained a professional tone as he replied: “Madam, all I can say is that they are a very influential group of ladies and gentleman here for an international conference.”
Jaws dropped as we entered the Boho-style catwalk. Rose and Boy, in collaboration with Tokunai Hair, set a stunning scene with Vogue-worthy styling that included genuine gold leaf painstakingly applied to each model’s sleek hair. However, we can’t forget the real stars of the show – the cute R&B children India Rose Albury and Zekke Doolah. The crowd were in stiches as the young boy Zekke expertly stuffed a muffin in his mouth, chewing the entire length of the catwalk while posing with a crumbs-and-all grin at the end.

Rose and Boy co-owner Karlie Jay Albury said it was great to see Far North retailers on display for international guests. Using local models, hair and make-up, she said, puts our talent on the map and creates both Australia-wide and global opportunities for the region.