Another week down, another gala ball for the books. However, there was nothing average about the Northern Pride 10 Year Anniversary Gala Ball. It’s not often you get to witness history in the making when Northern Pride CEO Greg Dowling and NRL player Matty Scott announced the Team Of the Decade. I’ve grown up in Cairns and have watch the club grow from its humble beginnings to now being the solid starting foundation for players wanting to successfully secure their spot on an NRL team.

Now to probably the second most important part of the night, the fashion. The boys set the bar high straight off the mark suiting up for the prestigious event. And the ladies! It was a sea of sequins, sparkle and bright colours, so impressive against the sea of monochrome suits. All in all the night was beautiful and I need to say congratulations again to the lads who made the Team of the Decade!

Now the cats out of the bag – Oceana Walk Arcade (Located on Grafton St) is the official fashion partner of the Cairns Cup Racing Carnival! I’m lucky enough to be one of the Fashion Ambassadors for Oceana Walk and I tell you what, until having a good stroll in the arcade, I had no idea how fantastic it is. I would never have thought to look down there but in my opinion, Oceana Arcade is the up and coming fashion hub of the CBD. Gypsett, Vintage Seeker and Vivienne Francine are my Top three favourite retailers in the arcade. Between the three of them I can find something for any occasion, no matter what I’m up too. And its super convenient being all in the same pace within meters of each other, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to shop! From race wear and casuals wear to nightclub attire to festival wear or even just something to wear to lunch. It’s things like this all you fashionistas need to get behind and let your creative juices flow once you see what it’s got to offer. I’ll be getting my Cairns Cup outfits from Oceana Walk Arcade this year and I say that in full confidence and excitement.

If you don’t believe anything I’ve just wrote, get onto your socials right now and follow Oceana Walk Arcade and watch that space. Go and have a look for yourself, grab a coffee from Blackbirds and take a minute to take it all in.

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