My jam packed weekend started off with the Career Orbit conference in the ballroom at the Pullman International on the 9th of June. Now being a millennial I had a fairly clear understanding of what was said and the idea of a digital future excited me. As for the baby boomers and generation X attendees, looks of fear appeared on their faces. How bizarre is it to think that in 10-15 years cars won’t have steering wheels? Our children will never learn to drive because they wont need to, a right of passage I’m sure a lot of you will agree will be missed as it’s lost and gone into the past along with MSN chat, Motorola Razors and Myspace (Stop trying to make the horizontal scroll happen, its never gonna happen!).

This day was more than interesting with a glimpse into virtual, augmented and mixed reality, a Hololens demonstration and how these technologies can and will assist in the future to revolutionise every aspect of our world. What excited me the most about this particular subject was how it will dramatically change the way we deliver education. Text books and story books come alive for an interactive learning experience providing a more productive and efficient way to learn.

Have you heard about the Internet of Things? The term Internet of Things generally refers to scenarios where network connectivity and computing capability extends to objects, sensors and everyday items not normally considered computers, allowing these devices to generate, exchange and consume data with minimal human intervention. Sounds scary right? Sounds like the future to me. Our social networks are connected so why should the fridge not send us a notification tell is we’re out of milk? Or the hairstraightener that its been left on? Aside from these simple examples, the imact it will have on our science, agricultural and mechanical industires (so name a few) would be phenominal. Oh, and PS this is already happening so start ebracing the future people!

The gala ball following the conference was the perfect way to relax after taking in all the information of the day. The three course meal served on the pool deck at the pullman was delicious  and the weather rather brisk but none the less still beautiful. Our keynote speaker for the night was Tansel Ali who’s the 4 time Australian Memory Champion and celebrity memory expert who shared some tips and tricks to improve our memories. The company was amazing, the food was great and the atmosphere amazing.

Backing it up from Friday with Shannon Noll. The Aussie singer and legendary icon hit the stage at The Jack Cairns supported by Drewboy and the Sax Attics. Nollsy might be getting older however he’s definitely not losing his stage presence as he had the whole crowd rocking from start to finish. He played his number 1 hit “What about me” and the whole venue sung along with linked arms and beers in hand demonstrating the true blue Aussie spirit Nollsy represents.

This brings me to Sunday. The Iron Man Cairns has been an event that I would normally watch from a cafe or a bar but this time I was right in the thick of if following Studio A Health and Fitness’s Ironman journey. That team had the most dedication, determination and spirit of the day not missing a single runner or rider that past our tent which was set up at prime position. We even got the attention of #thisisqueesnland who is an instagram account with 350K plus followers as they commented on one of the instagram videos I posted of the team cheering on the birthday babe Cherie as she ran past for her leg of the race. Imagine the exposure the events getting right?! It was amazing to see something like that happen in real time and was reminder of why I’m in this job and why I love it.

I absolutely need to thank Ange from Studio A and the whole team for letting me be apart of the big day. I almost think I should start training for next year, we’ll see…

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