I’ve been told that it’s not often a regional General Manager is offered a role like this in a metropolitan station, so I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’m super excited to see what see does as the new General Manager of SCA Perth. In my opinion, after reading Gina’s profile in Oasis magazine I’ve come to the conclusion that Gina Hogan is pretty much goals…

Another farewell to my 2017 Holden Astra from Ireland Holden. These first 8 weeks of butterfly duties would not be possible without your comfortable seats and supporting arm rests. Your turbo charged, 1.4 litre, 4 cylinder engine and apple car play got me where I needed to go when I needed to go and with the best entertainment  to boot. Your class leading luxury and superior european style always matched any outfit I was wearing no matter what event with your attractive angles and perfect proportions. I can’t thank the Irelands team enough for being their every step of the way. Here’s to you Astra, thanks for everything! Bring on the Mitsubishi madness and the next 8 weeks with my brand new ASX!

Switching it up from a farewell to a bonjour to the winner of the International Lingerie Model Search as I sat on the judging panel for the finals at Pier Bar. My fellow judges Jade Turnbull (Platinum Model Management) and Michael Crawford (Core Sports) and I had the almost impossible task of chosing a winner. I have to say, the effort the girls went to with their theme wear was incredible. My favourite outfit on the night belonged to Lauren Higgs with a “Midsummer nights dream” vibe to her theme wear, covered in flowers where it counted. It’s always great to see the local girls setting the standard high with comps like this, the winner of the comp (Micayla Balsamo) will be flown down to the Gold Coast to represent Cairns at the state finals. If she makes it though that, she could be flown to Vegas all expenses paid to represent Australia at the international level. What an opportunity right?

I have to make mention of the touching event I attended in support of well-known local Jenny Lock from Freeman’s Residential. Jenny has just completed chemotherapy and radiation in an aggressive battle against bowel cancer and is now awaiting surgery. The tight-knit team at Freeman’s hosted a Cancer Council Biggest Morning tea raising $500! Such a fantastic effort for a cause so close to my heart. I can’t stress enough how important these kind of events are and we need to get behind them to not only raise awareness, but to show our support for those going though a journey like Jenny.

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