One of the greatest things about our vibrant city is the eclectic range of events that take us from one weekend to the next.  

On Friday, the Careers Orbit brought together like-minded individuals passionate about one thing – the future. We got an exciting glimpse into what’s coming our way in the next decade. Virtual reality, self-driving cars and the ‘Internet of things’ are here, so it was a great reminder that we need to adapt.  

The event continued into the night with a Gala Dinner, held on the pool deck at the Pullman Cairns International, with world memory champion Tansel Ali as the keynote speaker. Tansel entertained the crowd with tutelage in some fantastic memory techniques – I can’t wait to test those out.   

Saturday night was a real treat. Shannon Noll put on a ripper show at The Jack Cairns, throwing down some classic Aussie tunes and, of course, his biggest hit What About Me.  The Ironman Cairns is where I spent my Sunday. It was an absolute buzz following the Studio A team as they ran, swam and rode their way through the epic event, full of admirable spirit and dripping with determination. Who knows, maybe I’ll even give it a go next year!   

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