Fashions on the field is a serious business. I had the difficult job of judging the fashions at the Century Cranes Ladies and Tradies race day on the 20th of May alongside Stacie Galeano (2017 Myer FOTF state sash winner) and Michelle Champion (CJC Fashion Committee member).

I have never judged a Fashions on the Field event before but those two ladies we’re perfect examples of what to expect when making the final decisions. I was dressed by Vivienne Francine in a beautiful blue french peplum dress and my head piece was flawless and made by the oh so talented Kelly Hill. Shout out to Century Cranes and the Cairns Jockey Club for the wonderful day!

Now I’m sure for most people, a race meet is just a socially acceptable excuse to day drink and put on your trackside best. On the contrary, it’s a serious fashion event. All the competitors on the day looked amazing with a few ensembles completely custom made from head to toe. I can only imagine how much time and and money went into bringing them together perfectly for the day. I feel like I need to touch base on some trackside fashion ettiequte as our local race meets are fast approaching…

Ladies, do not for the love of god wear nightclub attire! Midriffs are also frowned upon in case you were wondering. PLEASE go easy on the fake tan! Not only does tandori chicken orange look good on absolutely no one, spare a thought for those wearing white that come into contact with you who then have to walk around with fake tan stains on their outfits. Lastly, think seriously about your footwear choice. Remember come 3pm its almost impossible to find a seat as the women wearing 6 inch heels have claimed them hours ago….

Gentlemen, just remember we do live in FNQ be mindful of the fact what you’ll be sweating bullets in a collar and tailored jacket. Accessories always count; sunglasses, pocket squares, ties or bowties or even hats. Just quietly, your bought-from-home stubby cooler will not suffice as a pocket square so store that in your trouser pocket, or better yet house it with a drink. Lastly, make sure your shoes are polished because there is nothing worse than a brilliant outfit falling short of the finish line with dirty shoes.

After the races it was a raunchy change of pace as I boarded the Spirit of Cairns for the FN Hot “Magic May” event cruise. Trapped on a boat with champagne, canapés and topless waiters – could think of worse ways to spend my Saturday night! I would highly recommend Renee and the FN Hot boys for ladies or hens nights. The waters were calm however considering the crew on the Spirit of Cairns had to spend their Saturday evening waiting on a boat full of hot and bothered women, they did an outstanding job. A lot of the women in attendance told me they dont get out alot so you can imagine the atmosphere on the lower deck. 

PSA: The espresso martini’s I had on the Spirit of Cairns are in my Top 5 best espresso matrini’s I’ve had in Cairns.

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