Sitting in the foyer of Southern Cross Austereo I got talking to the GM, Gina Hogan. I was extremely excited about starting my radio campaign on Hit Far North Queensland for the Cairns Social Butterfly 2017. Any business will agree that investing in TV and radio is not a decision to be taken lightly and the question begs, ‘what is the return on investment’?

Our conversation drifted from topic to topic until we discussed the fact that when times get tough, a company’s advertising budget is often the first to get scratched. We on the other hand felt strongly that the perfect time to ramp up your marketing/advertising presence is when the going get tough. Gina used the analogy of Coca-Cola in the great depression. When other businesses were tightening their purse strings, in the hope that it might be enough to survive through the tough times, coca-cola was being splashed across every newsstand and coffee table in America. By being present when others were not, Coca-Cola had established itself as a symbol of America at home and abroad. The advertising strategies and techniques used before and during the war contributed extensively to this success.

As someone who gets a strange thrill from analysing statistics, I have been carefully monitoring my website traffic from my radio campaign which started with social media tips for business being aired every Monday for 8 consecutive weeks. This was all the proof I needed, looking at the data, there is a dramatic peak for website visits on each day my advert went to air. So needless to say, the campaign continues into 2017 and beyond!

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