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Bamboozled by Google?  Distressed by Pinterest?  In a flitter over Twitter?  And what on Earth is ‘Tik Tok’?

Social Butterfly Marketing provides expert social media services to businesses seeking to reach new customers by leveraging the power of social media.

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It’s a word of mouth thing

All business owners know that the best way to attract customers is through word of mouth referrals.  People are far more likely to use a business if their friends and family have had a positive experience with it.  Social media enables you and your business to use this strategy to extend your reach even further.

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How do your customers find you?

Consumers seeking products and services are now using social media to find what they need because they are more time poor and quality-aware than ever before.  Through the use of social media, they are able to seek the opinions of others prior to trying a new product or service.  Businesses with an active social media presence, therefore, have a far higher chance of being found by consumers.

Benefits of using a social media expert

By having Social Butterfly Marketing plan and coordinate your social media presence, you are optimising your business’s marketing reach and cost-effectiveness whilst enabling you to focus on the parts of the business that you do well.

With a passion for all forms of social media, Social Butterfly Marketing is able to identify the most appropriate social media platforms for your business and then utilise a range of tools and strategies to engage consumers with your social media campaigns.

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